That means apple’s are ready to Pick, Peel, Juice and Can. It also means that we just have a couple of weeks left at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

It has been a great year at the Farmers Market. Not only did we see our revenues increase but saw many of our local friends (we call our customers friends) and from around the country stop by to say, Hi. They all of course, loaded up on our lavender and apple products.

Some of our friends from Chicago dropped by and told us they come to Park City every summer, and make sure The Lavender Apple is their first stop on the way to the mountains. “We love your products and have been using them for 6 years now!” one of them mentioned, as they walked away with a bag full of goodies.

As the weather get’s colder, the air get’s dryer, and so does your skin. To relieve, and even prevent, the inevitable dry and itchy skin check out our Lavender Apple Sugar Scrub below, it will definitely do the trick!

Mike Nelson
Farm Fun Round 3

Alright, Christmas is almost here. I hope these serene farm photos can help calm any stress you are having with last minute Christmas preparations. If you are here to find recipe ideas for the holiday, use the search bar in the right hand sidebar. If you are here looking for lavender gift ideas, visit our website If you are just here to look at pretty pictures of the farm, well enjoy. And happy holidays! 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 

The Lavender Apple
Farm Fun Round 2

Just more pretty photo spam for your blog feed today. Its too late to order online and get deliveries before Christmas. But our shop is open and you are welcome to order and we will do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible. I'm pretty sure a lavender bath would be the perfect cure after a tiring holiday. Just hollar if you need us. 

The Lavender Apple
Farm Fun Round 1

The holidays are here and some changes will be taking place at the Lavender Apple come January 1st. I wanted to make sure I shared some wonderful photos of the farm here this week before I signed off for Christmas. So this week, the posts will be dedicated just to the beauty that is the Lavender Apple farm. We are so grateful for the God who created and for the family who cultivate it. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas week. 

The Lavender Apple