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Harvested by hand

Since 2009, The Lavender Apple has done more than refine old traditions – we started a new one. Guided by the founder’s international travels and experiences, her products are a fusion of unique growing techniques from the French countryside and a high mountain valley farm. This environment enhances our ability to make amazing products that you will love. We carefully make everything in small batches at our farm location in Cache Valley, Utah. Our small boutique farm allows us to achieve a handmade quality unachievable at larger operations. Each product is handmade and inspected by us individually to ensure the best products giving you a superior lavender experience.


About our Bath & Body Products

Our lavender Bath & Body products have developed quite a loyal following. We like to think this is because we use only the best ingredients and test out each product before we sell it to the public. We make the of our products by hand at the farm, it is a lengthy process but one that delivers the finest quality results.

Home Goods

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About our Health & Home products

Lavender is not only beautiful and fragrant but often serves dual purposes. Our sachets naturally freshen up your clothing - and repel moths. Our comfort hearts, neck wraps and eye pillows have a soothing aroma - and can help alleviate aches and pains. Our Lavender water is fragrant and refreshing - and repels mosquitos and other pesky insects.  Our body, massage and essential oils are some of our most therapeutic products offering the ability to rejuvenate, repair, relax, repel and revive your body and senses.


Culinary Creations

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About our Culinary Products

Our lavender and apple culinary products are homemade from the finest ingredients and harvested by hand right here at the farm. Our Lavender infused Honey is made locally with the wonderful folks at Cox Honey in Logan, Utah.  A few years ago we began infusing the flavors of our vintage apples with our lavender to create a delicious combination. For recipes using our culinary products please visit our blog (link at top of page) where you can find delicious recipes of all kinds using our products.

Mike and Peggy Nelson on the farm

Mike and Peggy Nelson on the farm

ABOUT US - After many life experiences including living in France and traveling the world, Mike and Peggy Nelson decided to settled down in beautiful Cache Valley Utah. They live on a 6 acre farm nestled at the mouth of Millville Canyon. They have over 80 apple trees in their orchard, many of which are vintage varieties, along with over 1000 Lavender plants across 2 fields. Hence their farm's name, "The Lavender Apple." 

THE FARM'S HISTORY - John and Hanna Nelson immigrated from Sweden in the early 1900's and purchased a large plot of land at the mouth of a beautiful canyon in Cache Valley. Now five (5) generations later John and Hanna's descendants are still taking care of this beautiful spot in the high mountains of Utah .  This farm and the story of John and Hanna Nelson serves as inspiration for Mike (John and Hanna's' great grandson) and Peggy to cultivate the land once affectionately know as – "The Rocky Patch".

The Lavender Apple's apple orchard.