Lavender Roll-on (angustifolia)

Lavender Roll-on (angustifolia)


Our lavender roll-on is a safe way to use essential oil. We take our steam generated organic lavender (angustifolia) oil and dilute it in coconut oil. The roll-on is a simple way to apply essential oil anytime or anywhere.

Our lavender oil has a soft sweet lavender aroma and can be used for relaxation, aiding sleep, and can even be used as an Eau de toilet. Its convenient size makes it easy to carry anywhere in a pocket, purse or briefcase.

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Benefits and Characteristics of our lavender roll-on

  • It promotes sleep

  • Relieves stress

  • Great for headaches

  • Great stress reliever

Key lavender application points

  • Wrist at pulse point

  • Temples

  • Back of neck