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Greek Tzatziki Burgers
If you haven't noticed a pattern on this blog, we love a unique twist on a traditional dish. In summer, regular hamburgers can get a bit boring, so we decided to do a little Greek twist to ours today. Behold our Greek Tzatziki Burgers. 

These ooey gooey burgers are extremely flavorful. They have a wonderful crunch from the veggies, a bite from the tzatziki sauce, and then you finish it off with a supple 1/2 pound of flavorful beef. They are wonderful. 

Burger Ingredients: 
1/2 pound of 80% lean ground beef per person
1 inch green onion stem per person, chopped, 
1/2 tsp fresh dill per person, chopped
1/2 pita per person
1 romaine lettuce leaf per person
5 slices of cucumber per person 

Tzatziki Ingredients: 
Found HERE 

Mix your ground beef with your chopped scallions, dill, lavender salt & pepper. Shape into parties that are in triangle shapes or that will match the shape of your pitas. Grill until each patty has a nice crust on the outside. Fill your pita with one patty each, lettuce, cucumber, and then top with your fresh tzatziki sauce. 

We hope you enjoy another wonderful flavorful easy weeknight meal. 
Bon Appetite!

Greek tzatziki sauce over chicken and rice
My favorite Nelson (my husband) makes an amazing tzatziki sauce. He has made this for me three times already this month and every time we eat it, I can't stop telling him how delicious it is. We simply call it his "white sauce" because we are both notoriously terrible spellers and the word tzatziki is just a cruel spelling joke. Anyway, if your looking for a creamy savory way to elevate almost any protein you cook, this is the recipe for you. 

Tzatziki Ingredients: 
3/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup mayo or Greek yogurt 
1/3 cup cucumber (peeled and diced) 
2 Tbs tahini sauce
1 Tbs lemon juice 
2 Tbs fresh chopped dill
5 fresh mint leaves chopped (optional)
1 small clove garlic minced 
Salt and pepper to taste 

You simply mix all the ingredients together and then there are a variety of ways you can serve it. It's best if you can make this a few hours in advance and let the flavors marry in the fridge for a bit. I love anything that's make ahead (nap time productivity baby)! 

Tonight we pounded out a few chicken breasts, seasoned them with Salt, Pepper, and our  Lavender Apple Herbs De Provence. See HERE. Simply serve your chicken over rice and the white sauce will do all the heavy lifting for you! It adds such a delicious flavor to any protein you can cook. 

Last week we covered toasted bread in hummus, roasted chicken, and then topped it with the white sauce. The options of how you can use this Tzatziki is pretty limitless. I love to mix leftover Tzatziki into some rice for a lovely Greek tasting pilaf. You could also use your remaining cucumber, add tomatoes, and make a wonderful little salad. You could put this over any type of grilled meat inside of a pita or flatbread, and add tomatoes. So good!

This would be wonderful over falafel, kabobs, fish, couscous, etc. Really any type of neutral food that would marry well with Greek flavors, this should be your go to sauce. So so good. 

Bon appetite!