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Last Day
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Body oil anyone? 

How about a romantic lavender bouquet that won't wilt or need to be thrown out in a week? 

Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy your Valentines Day and that you enjoy the free shipping! Happy love day! 
Lavender Massage Oils
Lavender is well known for its many healing properties, we see its benefits almost daily in our lives. Did you also know it is recommended by most natural practitioners to calm, soothe and relax the mind and body? That's why you so often see and smell lavender when you go to the spa. Well here at the Lavender Apple we want you to be able to relax just as well at home! That is why Peggy designed these wonderful lavender massage oils. They smell just as heavenly as you'd imagine. 

We have three types of massage oil. Our lavender massage oil is a calming blend that restores essential moisture balance to skin and helps calm the mind. Our lavender rosemary also has the same relaxing properties of the lavender oil, just with the added essence of rosemary oil. And our lavender amore oil is perfect for those who want a more intimate or romantic massage. 

All of our massage oils are known for their soothing and balancing fragrances. Easily absorbed lavender oil delivers essential fatty acids and nourishing moisture to your skin to keep healthy and hydrated. Your skin is smooth and soft, your body calm and relaxed. 
Once you have had a massage with our oil, you will note it's regenerative and tonifying qualities, good for dry, damaged skin. Smooth and lightweight, it revitalizes dry, delicate, and even sensitive skin types. 

It's so wonderful to treat yourself to a massage, but its even better when you use products that enhance how you feel during and after that massage. You can purchase your own Lavender Apple Massage Oils HERE