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Lavender Bumble Bees
My camera memory card broke this weekend. And not just like stopped working, like crumbled into a million pieces in my hand. So all of the beautiful recipe photos I had ready for you this week are now forever just a memory on a broken memory card. So while we wait for good ol' amazon to prime me a new one, here are so gorgeous lavender bumble bee photos to make you smile today. 

Farm Friday
It's Farm Friday! That means its time to share some photos from around the farm with you. In my opinion, farms are made for kids. They are just wonderful fun places to roam and play. These cute grandkids are such great helpers around the farm, and pretty cute too. Hope you have a wonderful and fun weekend! Come see us at the Salt Lake Farmers Market!

How to Plant Carrots
We have had some real success with our garden here at the Lavender Apple. Our sloped mountain soil is rich and our vegetables seem to love it. My personal favorite things to plant are all the root vegetables. There is something so satisfying about planting something and seeing it's green leaves all summer, and then come fall pulling out great big vegetables underneath! Its' like digging for buried treasure! Here are some tips for planting carrots this spring. 

Try to plant your seeds at least 3 weeks before the last spring frost date. Make sure your soil is clear of stones, because carrots need deeply tilled soil that they can push through without obstacles. If you leave a few rocks here or there, you will get some funny shaped carrots come harvest, but that may just be part of the fun. Plant your seeds about 3-4 inches apart, best to do it in rows so they are easy to find come harvest day. 

Any other tips for us on how you plant your carrots? 
Oh dear, now I'm craving some of Peggy's famous carrot cake! 
How to Debud Lavender
We have had to start from scratch when it came to our knowledge of running a lavender farm. Over the years it has become easier and easier. Today I wanted to share a quick trick of how to easily debud your lavender. All of our products FOUND HERE use our family farm organic lavender. Needless to say, we go through a lot of these beautifully smelling little purple buds. Here is the process for how our lavender goes from field directly to you. 

After we harvest and dry our lavender, we have them broken up into 2 inch bundles. You simply take the dried lavender bundles in between the palms of your hands and roll your hands back and forth together as if you were trying to warm your hands. The motion makes the buds fall right off the stems and we are left with nothing but pure lavender in our bowls. 

It's a labor intensive process, but it sure smells good! 

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Hope you all have a wonderful spring weekend!