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Winter Farm

I know we have lavender farm. When I say that, I picture gorgeous blooming flowers, butterflies, and bees, maybe even a fairy or two. But in reality? This is what things look like a lot of the time around here. Winters on a farm aren't easy. We desperately miss all the plants and animals that bring this place to life. 

Luckily while I'm busy trying to sleep the winter away, I have our soothing lavender eye pillows (found here) to help me relax and dream this snow into oblivion. What are some ways you push through the dreary gray winter days? 
Migraine Help

I have so many loved ones who suffer from crazy migraines. They sound just awful, debilitating sometimes. That is why I absolutely love the Lavender Apple's Eye Pillows. Our lavender eye pillows are hand cut and sewn from the finest silks. Then we fill them with flax and our organic lavender buds. After a full day of eye strain, nothing feels better than a cool and soothing eye pillow. These freeze beautiful and are so relaxing to use as you relax in the evening. With all of us being glued to our electronic devices these days, we find more and more customers who absolutley need and love our eye pillows. We hope you will too. You can order yours HERE