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My favorite customers...
Gee, for being such majestic creatures, our dogs sure weren't feeling photogenic this day....

Some of my favorite people we meet at the farmers market are the dog owners. They always seem just a little bit happier and little bit more relaxed that the general public. I am a big believer that pets can help us to have a little more joy and love in our lives. 

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Lavender Dogs
We love our dogs here on the farm. We have had several of them over the years and all of them have been absolute sweethearts. Farm dogs seem to me to be the happiest of all the dogs. All the room they could possibly want to roam around, lots of critters to chase, and lots of hard working farmers to love you. 

We love our dogs because they make us happy, boost our immune systems, and help us get plenty of exercise. Are any of you out there dog lovers? What breeds do you have? We'd love to hear from all our fellow furry friend folks. And don't forget, we sell a great all natural lavender dog soap over at