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Country Architecture
As I've mentioned on this blog before, Mike Nelson is a wonderful photographer. There is lots of beautiful country side up here at the Lavender Apple, and he just seems to capture it beautifully. 

Well, maybe not all of it is so beautiful.... but its interesting none the less!

Lets all just give a quick little prayer of thanks for the advances in modern day homes, especially in the area of restrooms. 
Country Cottage Bathroom Update
We recently finished one of our small bathroom updates here on the farm. Small bathrooms can be tricky to figure out. You need to have a space for everything. This bathroom was tricky because it has a sloped ceiling. Peggy has always had a knack for choosing gorgeous wallpaper prints, and this one is no different. Isn't it gorgeous! 

I love the big bowl of a sink and the water fall faucet. You can't see it because I'm a lame blog photographer, but there is an adorable mason jar soap dispenser with lavender hand soap of course. I love all of the cute lavender details in this room too. Marble countertop fixed over a vintage cabinet that we repurposed. 

Rolled towels always feel luxurious, even in a small space like this, and are perfect when you have open cabinetry. If you have a small bathroom like this, it's all about the details. Be bold and try a gorgeous big print on a wallpaper and you won't regret it. (Although since this paper was not pre-pasted, I'm not so sure Michael would recommend going this route. It may have been the most curse words this farm has heard in awhile...)