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Our New Etsy Store!
Hi Everyone. 

We wanted to let you know that we have a brand new Etsy store open for business! Online you will now be able to see several new products that weren't previously available through our website. We can also create custom products. There are discounts available on shipping for multiple orders now as well. Lots of fun and new things. So check us out over at 

Here is a preview of some of our favorite items in our new store! 

If you have any feedback or questions for us, please let us know! And don't forget to favorite our shop and your most enjoyed products as well. And as always, make sure you tag us in your social media posts, we love to see our customers enjoying our products! 

Thank you for shopping small and supporting The Lavender Apple!

Keeping Your House Fresh & Happy During Winter
Januaries can be tough. The fun of the holidays are over, the bright new winter snow can become grey and muddy. You may or may not be dealing with broken resolutions. Lets just say, Januaries are not my favorite. But I know my mood can dictate my family's mood. One way we keep our house feeling cozy and fresh during winter months, is by brewing stove top potpourri. When your family walks in that door, they will be engulfed by a happy and welcoming winter aroma that will set the tone and mood for your house. Instant coziness will ensue, trust me. 

3 sticks cinnamon sticks
2 oranges, quartered
5 sprigs fresh rosmary
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 tablespoon cloves
6 cups water

Bring to a boil, then simmer on low. If liquid runs low, feel free to add additional water. 

Another way to keep your house smelling and feeling fresh is our all natural carpet fresher. Sprinkle over your carpet and vaccum up and your house will instantly smell clean and inviting. Get yours here: Let us know how these quick winter pick me ups work for you!

How To Keep Your Carpets Clean Safely
When I became a new mom, I realized just how important clean carpets were. I used to be the type of person that was annoyed when friends would ask me to remove my shoes in their homes. It just felt so awkward and actually a little rude sometimes. But then like many other things in my life, when I became a mother, all of that changed. I realized how much time my sweet little baby spent on the carpet. Face first on the carpet, face on the carpet, me laying on the carpet next to him, etc. Then when he became a toddler, the carpet love continued. All of our playing was done on our carpet. When friends came over, I was now the one asking them to remove their shoes. Sometimes maintenance men would come over and as they walked in and out and I couldn't catch them in time to remove their shoes, I would cringe. And those of us with pets know all too well how much of a lovely scent our beloved animals can leave behind. 

Enter Lavender Carpet Freshener. Just a quick sprinkle of this stuff over my carpet and then a quick vacuum and I can rest easy. 

 How does it work? We use natural baking soda to absorb moisture, odors, and oils. It also helps to loosen up any dirt particles left behind from normal carpet use. We also add lavender essential oils and lavender buds, which have antibacterial, antiseptic, anti fungal properties. All of these are wonderful natural ways to take care of all those nasty germs lurking in your carpet. 

Instead of reaching for a potentially harmful and chemical laden carpet cleaner, consider this healthy ecofriendly alternative instead. As a bonus, the lavender smells amazing and will help you feel relaxed when you are sitting or playing on your carpet. This stuff is the greatest. We actually have a hard time keeping it in stock! So if you don't see it in our online store at just shoot me a quick email at and I will see what I can do about getting them restocked on our website.