NO SEW Prince Charming Costume

Ok folks, back away from that costume rack at the big box store. This halloween you can do so much better! Halloween can be so much more fun than the 5 mass produced action heros that are chosen by retailers this season. I love nothing more than a good home made halloween costume. Yes, it takes a little more time an effort than buying something off a hanger, but its so worth it! Let your kid use his or her imagination and come up with any costume under the sun. Most of the time, you can use items around the house and even save money too. This year, my 3 year old wanted to be prince charming. The result was cute and guess what? No sewing was involved!

White button up shirt
Red pants
1 yard gold rope
1 foot fringe
1/4 yard red fabric
6 gold buttons
3 yards gold ribbon 
1 yard red ribon
Hot glue gun

Directions: Cut the top of the collar off, just leaving a mandarin looking collar. Glue red ribbon around the mandarin collar, then some gold ribbon on top of that. Replace the buttons on the shirt with gold buttons. Glue a red ribbon around the the waist and gold ribbon on top of that. Glue the rope in swirls out from the buttons. Glue the fringe around a peice of cardboard that you cover in red fabric for shoulder pads. Glue red fabric around the sleeve openings and add a gold button to each sleeve. Glue gold ribbon stripes down the pants. Add a cape if desired. 

This whole look took me about 2 hours and the only supplies I had to buy was the fringe, buttons, and rope. So inexpensive for such a fun and memorable costume. If you decide to tackle this costume this halloween, feel free to comment with questions. 

Good luck and Happy Halloween!