Fool Proof Macarons

Macarons can be one tough cookie. They are fickle and finicky and many things can go wrong while baking them. But never fear, with just a few simple tips, you can easily master these delicious and oh so trendy cookies. 

Start with aged egg whites. What does this mean? Leave your cracked eggs in a covered container for up to three days. This dehydrates them, so you have a stable and firm meringue. 

Your almond meal should be fine enough that you can sift it through a sieve. Most store bought almond flours are too course. The easiest fix? Give it a quick pulse through a food processor and you should be good to go. 

Liquid food coloring will alter the recipe more than you'd think. Make sure you use gel food coloring so your recipe stays true to its original balance. 

Once you've piped your macarons onto your baking sheet. I love to tap my baking sheet on the edge of the counter harshly to work out any remaining air bubbles. 

To prevent cracks in while baking, allow your piped macarons time to dry before backing. I suggest waiting at least 30 minutes, then just touch the top with your finger and if nothing sticks, you are good to go. 

Hopefully these tips gave you one or two ah-hah! moments. You can find Peggy's famous LAVENDER LEMON MACARON RECIPE HERE. Happy baking!