Easy Weeknight Dinner Idea for Two (Vegetable Naan Pizza)

This week I wanted to feature a couple of easy weeknight dinner ideas for two. Recently I've been cooking for just two of us. Its so easy to default to making the same go to familiar meals all week long. But there are plenty of delicious AND easy meals out there that can help you get out of your routine rut when you are only cooking for two. These meals can also easily be doubled or tripled for those busy moms out there with large families. 

The first meal this week I wanted to highlight is a vegetable naan pizza. It's crispy, savory, and a cinch to throw together. 

Buy pre-made stone fire naan breads. I prefer the full size, but if you are baking for children, the smaller personal size will work great too. The secret to a good home made pizza is the ingredients. Skip the preshredded mozzarella and go with fresh buffalo mozzarella, or in our case, we used goat cheese. Skip the premade hormel pepperoni, and use salami or proshutto to switch things up. Wash and coat some asparagus with olive oil and scatter across your pizza. Then, the finishing is also very important. Use a balsamic glaze to add acidity and sweetness. Top with fresh italian herbs and a sprinkle of lavender salt. Bake in an oven until your cheese bubbles and your naan is golden around the edges. This idea is simple, healthy, and most importantly delicious. 

Hope this helps you busy moms get out of your culinary rut. Clean out your fridge, get creative, and make naan pizza's tonight!