Baking With Lavender Sugar

Lavender sugar can be used in many ways. My favorite use is in baking. It can be used to sweeten muffin or scone batter. Its beautiful sprinkled over rustic looking cookies. 

A common problem with lavender flavored sweets is that if overused, it can come off tasting a little soapy or perfume-like. But I'm sure you've eaten lavender sugar and actually really enjoyed. Lavender has a distinct floral flavor, with subtle hints of rosemary and mint. It's a wonderful flavor when used with restraint. 

Here are some tips when baking with lavender. 

  • Use restraint. A little goes a long way. You want the flavor of your baked goods to be enhanced, not over powered. 
  • Lavender and dairy are best friends. They marry well together. So start thinking icecreams, custards, shortbreads, anything with lots of butter. 
  • Balance its notes with something bright like a light citrus juice or zest. 

Our culinary lavender sugar has the perfect blend of sugar to lavender ratio so you will never go wrong. Let us know what lavender adventures you have in your kitchen this week!

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