Best Uses For Fresh Lavender

Hello Friends!

Lavender Harvest Season is upon us. When I have piles and piles of lavender being cut, hung, and dried around the farm, my mind begin to fill with wonderful ideas of what I can create with it. Here are some of my favorite uses for fresh Lavender. 

1. Place lavender in a basket or vase. Not only does this create a beautiful and long lasting arrangement, but a wonderful soothing aroma will fill your home. 

2. Make lavender lemonade! These beautiful purple buds make lemonade instantly chic and beautiful for any summer gathering. Mix a little lemon, honey, and lavender and you have a wonderful healthful drink. 

3. Braid lavender through your hair. This is the perfect subtle boho effect for anyone interested in a floral crown for weddings or a family photo shoot. 

4. Sprinkle just a small handful of lavender buds over your hard floors or carpets before cleaning. As you sweep or vacuum, the gorgeous scent will be released into the air. It will also help to keep your vacuum cleaner smelling sweet, and your bin too when you throw out the lavender with the dust.

5. Throw a bundle under the front seat of your car. As the lavender gets warmed in the hot car, it will release an amazing clean and fresh scent that will make your entire vehicle smell amazing. 

6. Sew some into your childs favorite stuffed animal. The familiar and soothing scent when added to their favorite lovey will help them associate that smell with falling asleep and easily send them off to dreamland. 

7. Wrap your packages with lavender! Nothing makes a gift look more elegant or french than using some butcher paper, a simple piece of twine, and then tucking some lavender underneath the string. Its so simple and beautiful. 

8. Hang some from your windows! Don't have window baskets? Simply tie a bunch of lavender together and hang it from your windows and your house will instantly look more french country. 

9. Simmer some lavender on the stove! This will become the best chemical free natural air freshener your house has ever smelt. 

10. Add some to your bath! Sprinkle some lavender buds throughout your bubble bath and you will instantly get a relaxing scent that will fill your bathroom. The smell will sooth you and the lavender even can help relax sore muscles as well!