How To Mail A Coconut

Ever go on a beach vacation and want to send something fun back home to loved ones? Well today we have an easy and whimsical DIY for you. Painted coconuts! Did you know you could send a coconut through the US mail? How fun would it be for a child to open their mailbox and be surprised with a beautiful coconut? 

All you have to do is paint a cute picture on one side of the coconut. We obviously chose an outline of the state of florida, but you could do something similar for any country you are visiting. You could also do an easy ombre sunset if you are less artistically inclined. On the other side of the coconut, you simply write a quick message and the address of your recipient, similar to a post card. Drop your coconut off at the post office and they will affix postage to it. What a fun, affordable, and adorable gift! 

Who will you surprise with this unexpected and creative idea?