Tips for Cooking with Lavender

I'll admit, before we had a family lavender farm, I had never used lavender in my cooking before. I assumed it tasted soapy, and I wasn't really sure how or why to go about using it. My how times have changed! I love using lavender in my cooking and it really elevates your cooking. Lavender is such a powerhouse to have in your culinary arsenal. 

Just a few tips: 

1. Make sure you always use culinary lavender. Culinary lavender is suitable for consumtion, while ornamental lavender may have been processed differently and may taste a little off. 

2. If you are new to lavender and not sure you want to use full buds, you can start with lavender infused sugars or salts. You could even grind your buds into a powder if that makes you more comfortable. 

3. A little goes a long way. You never want to be too heavy handed with your lavender. It's fragrant and can transform a dish when used properly, just use restraint and keep it at "just a hint". 

Find our oraganic culinary lavender online here: 
Happy Cooking!