I know we posted some beautiful spring photos recently about our lovely lavender gate that will greet you when you come visit the Lavender Apple Farm. But this time of year, our lane looks a little bit more like the photo below, than  the beautifully floral greenery you are used to seeing on this blog. We were surprised that our lavender grew so well in such a harsh climate, but our rocky sloped soil is actually a perfect match for these resilient purple flowers. 

And while winter has its place and is beautiful too, we dearly miss our lavender blooms. 
Luckily for our customers, you can still stay indoors this winter, and we will ship all of your favorite lavender products via happy mail to your front door. www.lavenderapple.com 

And we have some exciting news coming soon too, so keep your eyes on our blog for the big announcement! 

But for now, all us farmers will continue to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and hibernate until the spring work season begins. 

The Lavender Apple