My Favorite Flowers for Valentines Day

Confession time.... I have gotten really upset with my husband for buying me flowers. I'm terrible, I know. To me flowers seem like such a frivolous gift. They are expensive, they don't last very long, and pretty soon you have nothing left to show of your "gift". I know flowers are romantic, but I would so much more love for my husband to spend our hard earned money on something that I'm not throwing in the trash 3 days later. Enter LAVENDER. 

Then dried lavender entered my life. It is the perfect flower for a gal like me. In it's dried state, it still looks fresh, but it will stay beautiful like this permanently. It smells wonderful, looks wonderful, and doesn't cost near as much as real flowers. So gents, do your wife a favor this valentines day; if you want to be romantic and get her flowers, get her dried lavender. Its unique, elegant, romantic, and something she can cherish all year long. 

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