Mulling Spices

So we recently highlighted a recipe of how to brew your own stove top air freshener in your house this winter. Some of our customers were aghast that we suggest anyone use anything besides our very own Lavender Apple Mulling Spices. Mulling Spices have been used for centuries to help brighten and freshen the aroma of homes. I find that when I use particular brands of mulling spices, they bring up such strong nostalgic memories for me. I love using The Lavender Apple Mulling Spices in January because it's such a delightful winter smell. I know that I am creating fun family memories this time of year and whenever my family smells these spices, they will have a strong connection back to these years. Its like a way to ensure their brain will remember these wonderful days, as smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. 

Anyway, visit our online store to grab yourself some mulling spices and start infusing your home with scents that will help bring your loved ones memories back to this day.