DIY Rock Nativity Set

Christmas has always been a big deal around the Nelson household. There is always great food, a wonderful smelling Christmas tree, and special holiday decorations to make the spirit bright. In addition to sharing wonderful holiday recipes with you this month, we are also going to be sharing with you some fun Christmas traditions, and easy and fun ways to make the holidays special. 

Our first fun Christmas craft we'd like to share with you, is making a nativity set out of rocks. This is the perfect craft for those of you with toddlers who don't want to see your heirloom nativity sets get broken. Just make sure you get rocks that are large enough they can't be swallowed, but small enough they won't smash any little toes. 

There are so many expenses that accompany the holiday season, so creating a fun family heirloom that is free and fun is a wonderful treat. Simply pick out the number of characters you would like to create and then paint the rocks accordingly. I found it was easiest to draw the characters out with a sharpie, then just paint inside the lines. Get creative! This is also a wonderful craft to get older children involved in helping as well. 

We'd like to thank all of our friends who supported the Lavender Apple Farm during Small Business Saturday. Don't forget to order your Christmas gifts early this year so they ship in time for the holiday!