Easy Adorable Halloween Treats

Brooke LOVES halloween. Her home is always filled with the cutest and spookiest decorations, and the costumes she comes up with for her kids always impress. Well this year she gifted me with the most adorable and simple way to make halloween treats! They will look like you spend hours searching pinterest for ideas and slaved away in the kitchen to make them. When really, all you have to do is stand in front of a microwave for a few seconds. These white chocolate skull suckers are such a fun and simple halloween activity/treat! 

I picture wrapping these suckers in cellophane and tying them with a cute ribbon. For the skeleton body, I'm going to poke the bones into a chocolate cake. There are so many adorable possibilities! All you have to do is purchase these inexpensive candy molds (amazon links below), and then melt some chocolate and pour it into the molds. It couldn't be easier! 

I've attached links below to the exact molds and candy melts we used. Candy melts work so much better than actual chocolate. You can just pop them into the microwave and melt them, instead of having to use a double boiler like regular chocolate. Also, they come in this gorgeous white color to make the bones look extra spooky. You could even add a few drops of red or green food coloring if you wanted your bones to be bloody or slimy. So much fun, and so easy. This was the perfect halloween treat to have my toddler help me create. 

Enjoy! Hope you have a spooky halloween!