The Lady In The Purple Hat

Thanks for indulging me in sharing all of these purple photos with you this last month! Tis the season! 

As you probably know, the Lavender Apple is a family run farm. We have been growing the highest quality lavender available for almost 8 years now. We offer seasonal fresh cut bundles, dried lavender, lavender sachets, lavender honey, jellies, and jams. We sell lavender soap, bath salts, sugar scrub, and even lavender water. 

Here is our very own Peggy, doing what she does best, working in her lavender fields. 

The summer is fading and so have our flowers. Our harvest is complete and now we are reaping the benefits of its bounty. Time to get busy crafting and creating wonderful lavender infused products! Thanks for all of your love and support! 

*Photographers interested in taking photos in our fields should contact us directly to schedule an appointment and inquire about fees.