Lavender Salt

I kind of have an obsession with lavender salt these days. Its just upped the anti for me in my culinary game. Seriously. If you haven't tried this magic stuff, you've gotta go for it. Basically any dish you make and season with regular salt, can actually be enhanced in flavor by lavender salt. Its my little secret weapon that gives all of my dishes that extra little oomph. 

Ways to cook with lavender salt: making ice-cream, seasoning potatoes, homemade chocolate, seasoning proteins (lamb especially), salad seasoning, on fresh fruit or vegetables, the options really are pretty limitless. 

The other day I made one of my go to meals and it just wasn't as good as it normally is. I was wondering what my issue was when I suddenly realized I had just used regular old kosher salt rather than my lavender salt! What a huge different one tiny tweak made! 

Well I could go on and on. If you're interested in trying your own lavender salt, you can grab some here.

Enjoy! Let us know how it goes!