Lavender Honey Bees

As you probably have probably heard, the worlds precious honey bee populations are in a drastic decline. Not only do we depend on them as lavender farmers, but the world in general depend on them for our lives. Without bees there would be no fruits or vegetables. Without plants, there would be no we. So lets do our part to take care of and save the bees. 

Three easy ways you can help save the bees: 
1. Plant! Plant flowers, herbs, anything that pollinates. Even if you live in a huge high-rise apartment, even a single window planter can help. 
2. Buy local! Support your local farmers that in turn support your local beehives. 
3. Don't use pesticides. Sure, they keep the bad bugs out, but they are also killing our most useful bug friends. 

We sure love our black and yellow friends around here, and hope you will join us in the fight to stop their population decline. Hope you have a bee-utiful day!