Lavender Bundling

Harvest week is such a hectic time here on the farm. We only have a small window of time when our lavender has bloomed perfectly to get it all cut, bundled, and hung to dry. We get a lot of requests from people to come join us on harvest day and watch or help with the process, so here's a little insiders peak for those of you with a curious mind. 

Here's what you're aiming for, beautifully bundled lavender. 

We cut all of our lavender by hand. We actually use vintage tools here and they seem to work just as well, if not better than some of our more modern tools. You grasp the lavender by the base and slice. 

Then we individually wrap each bundle with an elastic by hand. 

Its a very time and labor intensive project, but it sure is beautiful.  

After that we hang our lavender to dry which is equally as pretty, and sure smells amazing. I'll cover that in a  post for tomorrow. Have a wonderful relaxing day!