Honey, Jelly, & Jam. Oh My!

Jam vs Jelly
It can be a heated debate sometimes. It can tear your family breakfast apart. Do your family a favor and just serve both and keep everyone happy. 

What's the difference between Jam and Jelly? Jelly is typically a more clear type of fruit spread which is made of firmed fruit or vegetable juice with pectin. Jam is a product made out of whole fruits which are cut into pieces. Jams are typically thicker with fruit pulp and sometimes even seeds. 

Wanna weigh in on the debate? Which is your favorite? 

Lavender Apple Jelly

Raspberry Peach Jam 

Lavender Plum Jelly

Lavender Cherry Jam

And while we're at it, lets throw some Lavender Honey in there too. 

You can buy all of our lavender infused Jams, Jellies, and Honey on our website at www.lavenderapple.com Jams and Jellies are wonderful, but with a hint of lavender they will take your breakfasts to the next level. Let us know your take on these delicious spreads!