City of Lights, Crepes, and Great Chefs

Sometimes when I look around the Lavender Apple farm, I see little touches of Europe here or there. The Nelsons lived in Paris for several years and traveled all over Europe during that time. There are antique treasures from that time that all have managed to make their way back to the Lavender Apple Farm. Mike is a wonderful photographer, and while I wasn't there with them to join their explorations of all things European, his photography of their adventures sure is fun to look at. 

The best thing all of us have gained out of their time in Paris was Peggy's culinary prowess. She is a culinary wizard in the kitchen thanks to her training in the city of the master chefs. I doubt the Lavender Apple would even exist if it wasn't for the time the Nelsons spent in The City of Lights. Thank you Paris. I owe you. 
The Lavender Appleparis, peggy