Spring Time Lavender

We have a lot of new readers joining us each week. I thought it might be time to re-introduce ourselves to our new readers. As you probably know, The Lavender Apple – is a utah lavender farm in nestled in the foothills of beautiful Cache Valley, in the small town of Millville, Utah.  Millville has been the ancestral home of the Nelson family for over one hundred years.  John and Hanna Nelson migrated from Sweden in the early 1900's. But, like many great farms the property has been slowly divided and sold over the years.  Mike and Peggy Nelson's Utah apple and lavender farm is situated on a 6 acre portion of the original farm.  This beautiful location was once affectionately referred to as the “rocky patch.” Luckily our lavender has really taken to our rocky mountain soil and it performs very well. 

Ever wonder what lavender looks like in spring time before it blooms? Where wonder no more!

Did you know we offer farm tours? Give us a call to find out more and schedule a visit!