The 2nd Prettiest Herb

Its obvious that here at The Lavender Apple Farm that we think that lavender is the most gorgeous herb invented. Its' beautiful purple buds, gorgeous round plants, relaxing scent, its just everything. Which is why I was so surprised the other day when Peggy plucked something else from her garden that i was absolutely smitten with. 

These are chives! Please tell me I'm not the only idiot who had no idea how absolutely gorgeous these blossoms were? 

Isn't this the stuff that Thumber gets in trouble for only eating the blossoms off of in Bambi? 

Well I had no idea chives were this amazingly beautiful, and I thought we should spread the word. All of our herb gardens would be beautified by this zesty little green and purple plant. I know I'm going out to plant some in my garden right now. 

What are some of your favorite chive recipes? Sunset Magazine just did a great spread of ideas that you can see here

I'm currently loving this one for summer: 

This one for snack time: 

And this one for a summer BBQ: 

Lets go get our chive on!