Hashbrown Waffles with Bacon & Eggs

My husband loves when we have breakfast for dinner. Its probably because he is usually so rushed in the morning, a bagel and a banana is all he ever has time for. There is just something so satisfying about hash browns, bacon, eggs. It just warms the soul. Well today's recipe is a fun little twist on a traditional breakfast dish. It was a nice way to make "breakfast" even more special when served at dinner time. 

The trick here is very simple, you make your hash browns in your waffle maker! I loved this idea because hash browns can actually be pretty tricky. Mine always seem to stick to my pan, they burn easily, and never are crunchy enough for me. Well using the waffle iron was so simple and they turned out beautifully!

Ingredients: (Serves 2) 
4 potatoes 
2 eggs
6 slices of bacon
fresh parsley as garnish
salt and pepper

 First, peel and grate your potatoes in a cheese grater. Use the smallest grate side for crispier hash browns. Once grated, use a towel or paper towels and squeeze out all the excess moisture from your potatoes. You may have to squeeze out the moisture several times until they feel dry. Add some salt and pepper to your potatoes. You could add garlic salt, onion salt, tyme, parsley, whatever herbs or spices you like to use in your hash browns. Spray your waffle maker with cooking oil. Place your hash browns on your waffle iron and press down. Depending on how hot your waffle maker gets, and how crispy you like your hash browns, cooking time here can take 8-10 minutes. While this is crisping up, cook your bacon on medium heat in a frying pan until nice and crisp. Set the bacon out to dry on some paper towels, then chop into bite sized pieces. Fry an egg sunny side up until the white is set and the yoke is still runny. 

Once all your components are ready, simply assemble them on top of one another. 

This is a lovely crispy dish. Nice and salty from the bacon with a fun crispy crunch from the bacon. The runny egg yolk just takes everything over the top. Yum yum. Hope you enjoy this playful take on breakfast!