Dog Washing Tips

We have two beautiful big dogs here on the Lavender Apple Farm. When it comes to bathing them, each one has his own personality and quirks when it comes to getting clean. 

A lot of dogs hate getting bathed. Can you blame them? They are getting restrained, then soaked in cold of water, and covered in scented suds. But there are several things you can do to help your dog actually enjoy getting bathed. 

Obviously make sure your water is a good temperature, not too hot, not too cold. Also, make sure you are careful not to get water or soap in your dogs eyes or ears. 

Speaking of soap, a good dog soap is key. Avoid using human shampoo, because that is actually really drying on dogs sensitive skin. You can buy our natural lavender dog soap HERE Our Lavender Dog Soap is made wtth goat's milk. Our dog soap is made with tea tree and neem oil which is healing for your dogs scalp and will even keep the bugs off you dog. Try it you and your dog will love it.

Brush your dogs coat to remove loose fur and those dreaded tangles. Be gentle and try not to tug on the skin while doing this. When your dog is wet all over, apply your soap from the neck down and massage it into his skin. Its good practice to check your sweetie pie for any lumps or any other oddies you may notice that may need veterinary care. Use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt from his mouth and eyes. 

Dogs hair is much thicken than human hair, so you have to be extra diligent to ensure all of the soap has rinsed off. This is why using something natural and chemical free is a plus because if you accidentally leave some on his coat, it won't cause itching. 

Pet stores offer super absorbent towels you can use to help dry off. Or, if your dogs are like ours, they will immediately find some grass or dirt to roll around in after all of your hard work. We like to give our dogs a treat as well after a bath as a reward so they associate this as a positive activity. 

What other tips or tricks do you use when bathing your fur babies? We'd love to hear!