Why we can't stop talking about Lavender Sugar

I love Lavender Sugar. Ask my friends, I can't shut-up about it. 

We love the unique twist that lavender can add to sweets. The easiest way to infuse this purple flower into your culinary adventures is by trying lavender sugar. You can use lavender sugar in so many ways. You can use it to sweeten any type of batter including muffins, scones, or even a cake. You can also sprinkle them on the top of sugar cookies or butter cookies before baking. You could even mix lavender sugar into softened butter for a sweet herbaceous spread. Lavender sugar is also very mild in comparison to some other infused sugars such as rose. So it is a great way to start your herb infused sugar adventures. 

Photo Credit: @abbietastic www.abbietastic.blogspot.com
There are so many uses for this delicious sweet sugar blend. Our clients tell us they use it in their tea to add a nice relaxing aroma and flavor. They also use it to rim their cocktails. I love staring it over my berries in the morning. We've even seen one of my favorite bloggers use it to make lavender infused doughnuts! Hello! The limitations are only due to your imagination.

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How do you use our lavender sugar? We'd love to hear from you!