Plague Bags

Sachets have been used for centuries upon centuries. Which is why I am always so surprised when people ask what they are when they stop by our booth at the farmers market. Sachets are small cloth bags, often filled with herbs or flowers to help scent a room or drawer. Clear back as far as the Han Dynasty in China, women would wear them to help repell insents and even believed they helped ward off evil spirits. The Kings and Queens of Britain would use them to keep odors at bay, and also to help enduce sleep. In medieval times, sachets were refered to as plague bags and were worn around the neck to keep parasites away. Crazy. 

Luckily for us, todays sachets have much more benign uses. You can place them in your drawers and closets to keep your linens smelling fresh and bright. One thing I love about our “Lavender Apple” sachets particularly is that they are filled with 100% organic lavender. So the scent you get when you place them with your sheets is not only soothing and relaxing, but you can feel good knowing its very safe for you and your family vs using a synthetic perfume. 

One of my favorite customers call our sachets her “sleep pillows” and she places them underneath her pillow each night to help calm her as she drifts into sleep. You can buy your own Lavender Apple Sachets online here: 

How do you use your sachets? We'd love to hear from you!