Protecting your child's IQ through laundry.

If you have "liked" us on Facebook then you probably saw the article we shared from The Deseret News. 

"Want a smart kid? Stay away from these two things."

It basically talks about various American household products that harm fetal development and possibly lower a child's IQ. A new study found that there may be a link between prenatal exposure to chemicals called "phthalates" and childhood development. Chemicals found in a variety of products such as vinyl upholstery, shower curtains, plastic food containers, raincoats, dryer sheets, lipsticks, nail polishes, air fresheners, shampoo fragrances, and even certain soaps and hairspray can cause problems. 
When we hear about studies like these, it just reaffirms that the natural and organic products we make are a wonderful alternative to all of the dangerous chemical laden options out there. Who knew something as simple as doing laundry could harm your childs IQ potential? 

You can purchase our all natural and organic, GMO free lavender dryer bags on our website. 

When I first began using The Lavender Apple's Dryer Bags, I had a brand new baby. I thought the natural chemical free bags were a great alternative to all the processed manufactured options at the store. Not only were they safe, they smelled great too. Plus they were reusable, so they were great for the environment and my pocketbook too! Plus, when I've used them all up, they make perfect bean bags for my toddler to play with! 

Give these little lovelies a try. You will bless your laundry with the scent of lavender goodness. Let us know if you have any questions of feedback! We would love to hear from you.