Best Uses for Lavender Water

When I managed a sales team for over a decade in my past life, it was always helpful that we were selling a product that I truly believed in. When I knew what we were selling was something that would help people and make their lives better, I really didn't have to work very hard to sell it, the product would sell itself. That's how I feel about our Lavender Water. Pure and simple, this product is amazing. We get such great feedback regarding how it benefits our customers lives and we are just tickled pink about it (or I guess tickled purple..).

If you've been reading our blog for awhile now, you probably already know that one of the most popular uses for our lavender water is as a natural bug spray. This is the perfect all natural, safe, and deet free bug sprays you can use. Its perfect for moms of little ones. I have tested this product myself in a field full of flowers, out on a bug infested lake, and at a picnic swarming with critters. I have never gotten a bug bite while sporting this stuff. It's magic. 

A few less conventional ways to use our lavender water is adding a bit of it to your washing machine during the rinse cycle. Your linens and towels will have that lovely hint of lavender afterwards. Another neat trick is using this when you wash your kiddos pajamas. I find the subtle lavender smell very relaxing to them and it aids in their sleep. Our scent of smell is our strongest tie to memory, so I love having this smell associated with bed time. You could even spray it onto your pillows for sweet lavender dreams. 

You can also add some of our lavender water to the reservoir in your iron. Whenever you spray and press your garments, your clothes will get a wonderful hint of goodness. 

You can also spray this water into your trash baskets and even your outdoor garabage can to help remove stale or lingering smells. As a mother who's trash bins are often full of dirty diapers, this use is one of my favorites! 

We are at the Farmers Market in Downtown Salt Lake every week in the summer. You can also find us at the Logan Farmers Market as well. In the wintertime we also frequent the farmers market at the Rio Grande. Come find us and we'd be happy to let you sample a spray at our booth. If you can't wait, you can order your lavender water online HERE. While we are at the farmers market we love getting feedback from our customers about all of the unique uses they have found for this lovely little product of ours. 

What are some of your favorite uses?