How to use Lavender Salt

We make a delicious Lavender Salt here on the farm. It's something most people have never seen or thought to use. Lavender Salt actually has many diverse uses. It makes a fragrant rub for lamb or chicken. It adds an unusual and subtle flavor to freshly cooked vegetables. Sprinkle a little lavender salt on any type of fish filet with a little olive oil and garlic and you have a great meal on your hands! 

The salt we use in our Lavender sea salt is from the coast of Brittany in France. it is harvested and sifted using the same traditional celtic methods of long ago. This sea salt is world renowned for it’s superior flavor and quality. We take this salt and infuse our organic Lavender into it and make it even better. We use this salt on everything!

It's so beautiful and unique that it makes a wonderful gift for any friends or family who love to cook as well. Sometimes your every day ordinary recipes just need a little tweak to take them to the next level. Well Lavender Salt can do just that. Everyone at dinner will be wondering what that little extra something is, and only you will and I will know. Its our little culinary secret. 

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