Giveaway Winner!

As you know, we started an instagram account over at the Lavender Apple this year. (Search for us on instagram at We hosted a giveaway here yesterday and were so pleased to see all of the entries even though we are a relatively new account. We really do appreciate all of our loyal customers who support local family owned businesses. We really wouldn't be here today without all of your wonderful support. Our contest winner was Cara Dee Cecil of Cara Dee Photography. Congratulations! 

After our winner was drawn, I looked at her account and wow, she knocked my socks off! She is a photographer, and her wedding photography especially wowed me. Here are a few photos she has shared on Pinterest. You can find her here and here

Having hosted a few weddings of our own on our lavender farm, we understand how beautiful but tough it can be to throw a wedding together in such a rustic setting. Props to Cara for doing such a wonderful job! Please contact us to select your prize!