Melissa Lavender

Melissa is one variety of lavender we grow here at the Lavender Apple Farm.

Melissa is an english lavender. It's tightly compact pink and white spikes make this a great plant for borders in gardens or for a beautiful contrast in bouquets.  Melissa is our earliest bloomer.  It's delicate slightly lemon scent make it an excellent choice for use in savory dishes.  

The Melissa essential oil is a very sought after and expensive oil.  The oil was written about by Nicolas Culpeper in 1653  " It causeth the mind and heart to become merry, and reviveth the heart, faiting, sleep and driveth away all."

Melissa essential oil is also an important ingredient in Carmelite water (distilled in france in 1611 by the carmelite order).

Well there is your lavender lesson for the month. Let us know if you'd like any of our Melissa Lavender to try in your culinary adventures, or perhaps to compliment a white color scheme in your home decor. We are happy to make custom orders!