Lavender Water Organic Bug Spray

One of my favorite Lavender Apple products is our Lavender Water. It is the perfect all natural and organic bug spray! It is especially amazing for kids! Who wants to cover their babies and kiddos in all those chemicals? Not this mama! When Peggy told me that she used her Lavender Water as a natural bug spray, I was skeptical. But then I tried it, and it works like a charm! I used it at the lake, I used it at a family barbecue, I used it at the park, it was amazing! My son and I didn't get bit once, even though bugs were plentiful! 

The Lavender Water Spray has many other wonderful uses as well. 

I already loved this Lavender Water. But then I my friend and I decided to take our 2 year olds out to a sunflower field to do a little photo shoot with them. The bugs out there were insane! Huge bugs everywhere! I was so nervous we were going to get eaten alive! Take a look for yourself! 

But amazingly, our entire crew made it out of these fields without a single bug bite. I am a true believer in this product. Its the perfect safe organic bug spray. I am one happy mama! 

You can buy your own Lavender Water Spray HERE