Lavender Bouquets

Valentines day is fast approaching! Are you ready? 

I don't know about you, but if you're like me, you can't help but sometimes feel like fresh flowers are a little bit wasteful. All that money spent (especially with the inflated prices around valentines day) just for the flowers to wilt and die a few days later. When my husband first married me, I told him not to waste his money on flowers. If he was going to spend the money, I wanted something more permanent. But as the years passed and I never got flowers, my emotional self was telling my practical self to be quiet! 

Well the perfect solution for a woman who loves flowers but hates to see them die a few days later, is a beautiful dried lavender bundle! 

We have hand cut our very own organic mountain grown lavender. We hang it to dry in our farm cottage. When its ready we bundle it up, wrap it in tissue paper or butchers paper, and tie it with a luxurious ribbon. It's such a unique gift!

Dried lavender bouquets from the Lavender Apple smell like heaven, but since they are dried, they will last forever! I have several beautiful bundles that are years old that are still placed in vases around my home. I love being able to have real flowers in my house that don't die right after the holiday. If you have a tricky someone to buy for on valentines day, a lavender bouquet is a gift I'm confident she's never received and will absolutely love.