Italian Soda Bar & Other Church Party Ideas

I have been blessed to attend a church with ladies who like to party, (in the most fun gospel approved sense of the word party of course)! These pinterest packin' mommas are so fun to plan plot and party with. Here are just a few of the fun events they/we have put together this past year. 

An Italian Soda Bar themed party. Make sure to include instructions so your guests know how to assemble their drink options. We had plenty of choices and added some cute "pun-ny" signs like "we are soda-lighted to be your friend!"

Don't forget to include our Lavender Simple Syrup! People love trying new things at parties and this is an item that when added to drinks makes flavors like nothing you have tasted before. Your guests will love the unique twist on traditional soda bars. 

Simple citrus and water filled vases, stacked cookies, and fresh flowers made the tables fill super festive. 

We did a little speed dating where one side of the table got up and scooted down one chair every couple of minutes so the women could all spend time getting to know one another. 

And how about this awesome Christmas Party Natalie put together? She is so amazing and literally transformed our church. Look at those balls hung to resemble oversized ornaments? 

 It was "Christmas Breakfast" themed, so everyone came in their pajamas and enjoyed a delicious breakfast, complete with several cereal bars! 

We also had a back to nauvoo night where we celebrated our pioneer ancestors. Stacks of vintage books, lace and antiques as table settings, and homemade pies were created this night. See our Lavender Apple Lemon Meringue Pie HERE

Its so fun to host such wonderful gatherings with such wonderful friends. Let me know if you have any questions about specific details or recipes. I am happy to help!