Lavender Wands

One item we craft by hand here at the Lavender Apple is our "Lavender Wands". These are also frequently called "Lavender Bottle"Lavender Batons". The term Lavender Wand was coined obviously from the shape these made when the lavender was woven due to its flower spikes. Since the victorian age, lavender has been used for many household purposes. Lavender Wands were invented in the Victorian Era to act as an air freshener. Women would carry these wands and hold them to their noses when the air became too much to bear. Our Lavender Wands are made when the lavender is freshly cut, the blossoms are bent inward and then woven carefully with fine ribbon. These make a beautiful and unique gift. 
 View our wands online here.

Lavender Wands were used to scent drawers similar to Lavender Sachets. They were also hung on cabinets for decoration and as air fresheners. Today many of our customers similarly prefer to hang these lavender wands in their home, or many simply leave them sitting out on a dresser or bedroom table. Not only are they beautiful, but they make your home smell amazing too. 

As mentioned, we hand weave all of our lavender wands here on the farm. At The Lavender Apple we utilize many ribbon types and colors and are happy to accommodate special ribbon requests when possible. Just let us know what size, style, and colors you prefer! So what do you think? Have you seen lavender wands before?