Merry Christmas!  are you still looking for that perfect one of a kind gift?  I wish this blog would allow you to smell. feel and taste the quality of our products.  As you know they are all handmade with the highest quality and the freshest ingredients.   They are either organic or 100% natural.  All our products are " Naturally fresh from the farm" At the top of this blog  click on the red box that says "buy Lavender Products".  Need your gift by Christmas? December 16th is likely the last day to order for Christmas delivery (no guarantee)  For a guaranteed delivery date call  435-363-4676.  Or If you live near,  come by the farm.   Call first to make sure I'm home.   Merry Christmas,  joyous Noel   Peggy (The Lavender Apple)

Below are some new products 

Two family Favorites

Apple Butter:  made with our own apples which are "low Spray" apples.  Many of our 100 plus trees are  delicious vintage varieties  $6.00  (  plus shipping)

Apple Cranberry Relish:  This is a big must with the Nelson family at the holidays.  They are made with our apples and spiced just right.  Watch this blog for our "Turkey Panini" using this relish.  It's delicious all year round.  $6.00  (plus shipping)

Our mulling spices  are a must for those cold winter days.  They also make your home smell fantastic when added to a pot of water and warmed on the stove.  $5.00  (plus shipping)

Our dryer bag set has 3 sealed bags.  Each bag will add a clean scent of Lavender to each load.  One bag will last 6-8 loads each  $7.00  (plus shipping)

One more very popular item is our "Comfort Heart" (seen on great grandmas stove) They are handmade and filled with lavender, rice and flax.  They can be used to sooth a tender muscles, or warmed up and taken to bed.  The smell is very calming. $13.00

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The Lavender Apple