Like a Las Vegas "ALL you can Eat buffet" this gang of 11 elk have feasted upon our neighbors hay barn. Eating all they can , and then some. Lucy for us, not so lucky for the owners of the hay, this as created a wonderful wildlife spectacle. The other evening while driving up my lane about 10 Elk were standing in our road. With just one leap, they all jumped over a 4 foot fence. Wow that was a sight to see. As you can imagine the amount of hay 11 elk consumed, causing our neighbors to cover the rest of there hay stack. The Elk have moved on, but the turkeys are here to stay. Why am I so shocked turkeys fly? they are birds after all. You just think of them walking around strutting their stuff. Strutting their stuff around here at night would mean certain death , and a delicious meal for the Coyotes. Now you have proof even freezing Cache Valley is beautiful in the winter!
Visitors welcome, Cheers Peggy

The Lavender Apple