So what the heck is "Eggs on the golden rod"? it's a fantastic, simple meal that gets rid of those extra Easter eggs, and left over ham. My mother made this every year right after Easter. Above are our leftover Easter eggs. You can't tell from the picture , but they are what a farmer would call a pee wee egg. Even a chicken has to learn by starting out small. They are so cute and just a mouth full.

Eggs on the Golden Rod
Make a basic white sauce. Peel a couple of eggs, as many as you would like. Chop the whites and reserve the yolks. Add the whites and some leftover ham to the the white sauce.

Now Toast and butter a couple of bread. Spoon the whites sauce over top, and crumble the yolk over top (this creates the golden rod effect). It's simple and delicious.

Cheers, Peggy
The Lavender Apple