Sleeping Lavender, cold days and colder nights..
When is winter going to end? Here I sit crossing fingers and toes, hoping that all is well with the Lavender crop. Only Spring will tell.
Not only has the Lavender been sleeping, but I feel like I've been moving in slow motion all winter, in a sleep like daze. This is evident in the lack of post. But I am waking up in anticipation

of spring and warmer days ahead. I Am involved in a "Master Gardner" course. Just thinking of , planning and ordering seeds for the new spring garden has done much to awaken my sleepy mind. And a hope for warmer days ahead. Whats in store for the New Year? Lots of new recipes. And new and amazing gardening tips I learn from the "Master Gardner" course. One Tip I have already learned
is that Gardening has exploded the last couple of years. This has resulted in a seed shortage. So order or buy your seeds early for best selection. Cheers
The Lavender Apple