My Kids

This is our Cat Esme.  For you "Twilight" fans you'll recognize the name.  She loves to sit and sleep on the chase lounge on my deck. Unfortunately Esme can't come in the house due to some people with allergies. never the less she is a good outside cat that is starting to bring me little treats each day( mice).  The great thing is she loves the dogs, and visa-versa.   The other day Zeus licked her so long with his giant tongue she was totally wet.  But she loved it. 

Esme is sitting in front of my poppies.  They, along with the yarrow, have taken over that part of the garden.  I have decided to make this particular garden spot the poppy garden,.  I have since planted 9 more poppies.  Did you know you can save the beautiful pods after they bloom and use them in dried flower arrangements. Our old Lab Clohe is on her way out, so we well need to replace her with a friend for Zeus.  I'm thinking we will wind up with a pound puppy.

 Cheers Peggy 

The Lavender Apple