Every girl needs a girlfriend!  I am very fortunate to have girlfriends all over the country and world.  Here is a picture of my Park City girl-friends.  They are right to left...Sue,  Gwen, Sheree, Sandy, Sandy, me, Cindy and Liz.  I met them all in Park City years ago, with the exception of Sheree.  Sheree and I go way back to the "Alpha Nu Omega" days.  We have this birthday group that meets 4 or 5 times a year.  The Birthday girl or girls wear pink crowns and are treated to lunch and a small gift.  This year we decided to all pay up front so we each can have a great message.  The  masseuse is Rebeca Eaton Wife to former NBA Basketball Star Mark Eaton.  This is his second marriage,  and I'm telling you he is one smart man.    I'm thinking his  first question to a perspective second wife was "Are you a Masseuse?",  with all his aches and pains from professional sports,  to have a live in masseuse, Smart man!  Anyway I haven't had mine yet, but I will soon.  So here is to Girlfriends!  If you don't have one cultivate one.  If you have one hang on to her, she is precious.  Of  Course my very best friend is Mike.  But he still doesn't cut it as a girlfriend.  Cheers Peggy   

The Lavender Apple