Spring planting

Greetings, it's been a long time since I last wrote. Well it's spring time on the farm. Why didn't someone tell me what hard work being a farmer is! After doing much research , and peeling over seed catalogues (yes life has changed a bit, who would have thought i would love reading seed catalogues) the seeds have arrived, that mean it's time to plant. I've really become interested in "Heirloom seeds" what are they you ask? They are seed you can collect and grow from year to year. That means your average seeds you buy in the cute little packages at the grocery store are sterile!? yep! Those seeds can only be planted once. So what happens if we can't buy the cute Little packages of seed any more. Well we are screwed. Oops! better get off my soap box.

For many generations families have pass seeds down from one generation to the next. Many vegetable and fruit varieties have been lost. Is it smart to let a few chemical companies control our seeds?. OK really that's it, but If you are interested in the heirloom seed movement check out "seed savers" or if you would like a great read "Animal,vegetable ,miracle"by kingoliver will be very educational and fun too.

What have I planted thus far, wow it makes me tired just thinking about it. Ok here goes...2 varieties of grapes and currants. Strawberries, asparagus, sweet peas, rhubarb. 5 varieties potatoes which totaled up to be 250 feet. 5 varieties of onions and 30 raspberries stalks. And the best for last. With the help of my 2 grand babies we planted 30 gladiolas, and killed the bad weeds. Oh, by the way don't bother telling the Adam and Eve story to a 5 year old. It's way over his head. Well, he did ask where weeds came from. I'll keep you posted on the Lavender...some exciting news. Cheers Peggy of :The Purple Apple"
The Lavender Apple